Admin App for
Spring Boot

Monitor and Manage Spring Boot Applications
in Real-Time with Ostara for Spring

Ostara instance dashboard

App Demo

Explore the functionality of Ostara through a short demo video. Dashboards, metrics, app properties, beans graphs, loggers, thread profiling, and more.


Real-Time status & metrics

Up-to-date information on metrics, health status, thread dumps, log levels and more. Quickly identify and diagnose any issues that arise.

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Ostara Monitoring

Simple & easy management console

A user-friendly UI for managing log levels, caches, thread dumps, feature toggles and more. No server restarts, no human errors, no problems.

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Ostara loggers

Get started in 3 simple steps

No code required, no dependencies, no work. Get up and running in 2 minutes.


Feature highlights

Metrics and tags

Instead of using Spring Boot Actuator endpoints manually to look at your metrics, you can navigate, filter, and glimpse insights, using Ostara's Spring Boot admin panel.

Spring Boot metrics table
Beans dependency

By cross-referencing data from multiple spring actuator endpoints, we have created a unique dependency graph directly in our spring admin UI.

Spring Boot beans dependency graph
Thread Dump
Generate and investigate
thread dumps

Utilizing the thread dump feature within the admin panel empowers you to deep dive into the internal workings of your Spring Boot applications.

Spring Boot thread dump profiling
Custom icons and

Customizing the look and feel of our admin UI is simple, choose custom colors and icons that mean something to you.

Customize colors and icons
Arrange instances in
applications & folders

Group your Spring applications according to your environment architecture, you can group them however you need.

Order applications and instances in folders
App Properties
Effective & efficient app
properties view

In the admin panel you can view all the current application properties received directly from Actuator in Spring Boot.

Advanced Spring Boot app properties view
Multi level

Stay updated on the real-time status of your services through our diverse range of dashboards. Gain quick insights into your services by utilizing the global, folder, application, or instance dashboards.

Spring boot actuator health dashboard
Metric monitoring and notifications

Configure predefined or custom notification rules to receive alerts and take proactive actions before your service experiences degradation or downtime.

Custom metric rules notifications form
Access & analyze
log file

Monitor your services' log data by conveniently streaming and downloading their log files.

Spring Boot Actuator Log file view

Frequently asked questions

Ostara for Spring is a modern tool for managing and monitoring actuator-enabled microservices, a Spring Boot Admin alternative, that aims to make the process more user-friendly and straightforward.

Ostara allows you to gain insights into the performance and health of your applications by providing real-time data of metrics such as CPU and memory usage, app and system properties, beans and their dependencies, and much more. In addition, the app allows you to perform actions on your applications like changing log levels and evict caches.

After developing and maintaining 100s of microservices, a common pain point that we faced is monitoring and management of these microservices, for multiple clients and multiple environments. We used many of the available tools to try and solve this problem, but many required us to host the solution, and make changes to our services.

No. All you need is a functioning Spring Boot Actuator API. If you are not sure how to do it check out our Quick Start Guide.

Ostara utilizes all the spring boot actuator endpoints to build a simple and intuitive spring boot admin panel. Without any need for code changes, and completely decoupled from your spring boot applications.

1. Download the app.
2. Add your Actuator API URL.
3. That's it. Everything is ready to manage and monitor your Spring Boot applications with ease.
More info is available in the Quick Start Guide.

Ostara is completely free! (and Open-Source). You can download it for free here and check out the code here.

The short answer, the setup process.
Spring Boot Admin requires you to host a service and modify your code to get an admin panel. On the other hand Ostara only requires you to install an app on your local machine to gain access to a user-friendly admin panel.

Yes! The app's documentation is available at The easiest way to get started is with the documentation Quick Start Guide.

Well the best place is our Discord, but if you run into a bug, create an issue, and we will be on it ASAP. If all else fails, email us at

If you liked the project and would like to help you can support us by:
1. Starring the project on Github.
2. Submitting issues for bugs you've found or features you would like to see.
3. Becoming a contributor.

It only takes 2 minutes to set up and improve your daily work.

(and it is free...)

Download the Ostara desktop app

Technical questions

We have many new features in the pipeline, you can check out our open feature requests here. If you have a suggestion, feel free to create an issue, we periodically go through them to prioritize and plan our next release.

Ostara is designed to be compatible with various versions of Spring Boot, including the latest releases. Ostara generally works against any version of Spring Boot and Actuator with minor differences. If you encounter any issues with older versions of Spring Boot don’t hesitate to open an issue. You can see our list of current known issues for Spring boot 2 here.

Ostara is primarily built to work with Spring Boot Actuator, but it can also work with frameworks that support Actuator endpoints. You can leverage Ostara alongside existing monitoring solutions for enhanced insights and management capabilities.

Absolutely! Ostara supports monitoring and managing applications across multiple environments, including development, staging, and production. You can gain valuable insights and perform actions on your Spring Boot applications, regardless of the environment they are deployed in.

Ostara is designed to cater to applications of all sizes, from small-scale deployments to large-scale architectures. Whether you have a single microservice or a complex microservices ecosystem, Ostara provides scalable monitoring and management capabilities to suit your application's needs.

Ostara has modest system requirements, making it accessible for various setups. It can be installed on different operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux) and requires minimal resources, ensuring smooth performance. Detailed installation instructions can be found in the documentation.

Ostara sends real-time notifications to keep you informed of any changes in your actuator's health.
In addition, Ostara empowers you with robust alerting capabilities. It allows you to create customized rules that leverage metrics obtained from your Spring Boot applications. By setting thresholds or conditions, Ostara can proactively detect when a metric surpasses the defined criteria. In response, it promptly triggers alerts and sends OS notifications, ensuring you stay informed about any potential issues or performance anomalies.

Ostara fetches and updates metrics from Actuator endpoints at regular intervals. We cache the results locally to reduce overhead against your services.

Of course! Ostara seamlessly connects to services deployed in the cloud or containerized deployments. It can monitor and manage applications running on platforms like Kubernetes, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure, or any other cloud provider. All you need to do is expose the Spring Boot Actuator endpoint to your local device, which can be done publicly or via VPN.

Certainly! We encourage you to add custom pages that display data from your own Actuator endpoints within Ostara. If your customization is something that others can benefit from, we invite you to create a pull request and contribute it to the main repository, making it available for everyone to use.

However, we understand that there may be cases where you prefer to maintain your modifications privately. In such instances, you have the option to fork the repository and work on your own version of Ostara tailored to your specific needs.

We are also excited to inform you that we are currently working on a plugin system for Ostara. This upcoming feature will enable users to develop plugins and extensions to add custom code and functionality to Ostara without the need to modify the core application. This will provide even more flexibility for customization while keeping your modifications separate from the main Ostara codebase.

If you require any assistance while writing custom code or have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. We are more than happy to help you out and provide guidance on integrating your custom code or utilizing the plugin system once it becomes available.